Project Brief

Mutual Noise has an inspiring goal, create tools to help songwriters bring out what is inside of them. Through the creation of educational posters and an app for songwriters, the reception has been wonderful.


Running with the client's initial desire to have guitar chord posters, I designed a custom, retro-inspired poster series for each of the 12 keys with the purpose of helping songwriters break out of creative blocks or limitations.

Going Mobile

Taking that one step further, the next step was to support the digital users of today and craft a mobile experience that would not only present the chords from the posters, but also allow for a more robust library with filtering, the ability to hear, build and save progressions on the fly, add recordings, and attach notes. As brainstorming progressed, so did the potential for future capabilities, and this seemingly simple idea became wrapped in a large amount of complexity that presented as an easy to use tool for the user.

Managing The Design

As the requirements and capabilities grew along with A/B testing for key functions against various placements, the need for better management of the design to ensure a cohesive experience and consistency in the presentation became crucial.

Featured Work