Project Brief

L&F Distributors is a rising name in trusted beer distributors for the southern part of the United States. Their clients value them and they truly enjoy being able to provide knowledge about the products that make their industry. L&F wanted to make this knowledge fully accessible, fun, and not limited to in-person interactions.


Out of this desire to spread knowledge, two things sprouted from our discovery. A beer academy, which would give the visitor great tips on how to pour certain beers, which glasses to serve those beers in, styles & origins, and proper food pairings. The other element was an interactive beer catalog. This catalog would allow the visitor to visually browse the full distribution offering, explore the particular makeup of each beer, where it’s from, how to serve it, and even which awards it had won. With all of that data, it was important to qualify the key points for what the users would find most interesting or helpful, and then design an experience that provided access to that data while making it easy and enjoyable to use.

Featured Work