Project Brief

Bvlgari is a well known global brand for high end jewelry. Their public presentation and offering is synonymous with a high end “good life”. However, they, like many other companies, suffred from a similar problem with an afterthought approach towards their internal tools. They were clunky, outdated, and didn't provide the luxurious experience when interacting with their client base.


The goal for this was clear, make the internal systems as beautiful as everything else from the brand. "We don’t want to display the specs of a 1 million dollar necklace to a customer in something that looks like excel anymore." After gathering the requirements for functionality and role based goals, simple wireframes were used to provide a simple look at the core-functionality of the concept without having the distraction from the merchandise to cloud the usability. Building on top of that, second tier, functional considerations were added in, and then finally, the fully rendered mockups for stakeholder reivews, approval, and build.

Featured Work