Project Brief

Acon serves their patients by offering software to monitor and manage diabetes. Previously, they had been confined to a more manual system and as the company grew, their want for something more professional became a full fledged need. This need also required speaking to two audiences: the patient and the physician. After detailed reviews of the different roles and the needs associated for each, a sleek and friendly portal was designed that could be manipulated on the development side to allow for role based user experiences and interfaces. This lead to a lower overhead in terms of upkeep and a platform that was simple for pateients to use and robust enough to meet current and future needs for the physicians.


Acon wanted to give their patients the ability to monitor their levels with a partner app. The patient would take their levels, enter it in the app and that’s it! The system would provide various timeline views, notifications and messages from their physicians, and even allow for friends to be added for the purpose of accountability in staying within a healthy range. On the physician side, those users would need access to all of the level histories and necessary patent data. The physician could customize the settings to establish healthy ranges for each patient and easily be notified to interfere if a patient reading became concerning.

Featured Work